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The Holidays Do Not Have to Derail Us!

The holidays are a time to enjoy meals with family and friends. Maybe you have office potlucks where everyone brings goodies from their cultural origins. December is notorious for having cheat meals left and right. But does that mean we are a failure if we indulge a little too often than w

Overweight and Fit vs. Thin and Sedentary: What the Research Says

Is it true that being overweight and fit is better than being thin and sedentary? The research says yes, but only sort of. The reality is that carrying excess fat around our vital organs increases our risk of developing certain lifestyle illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high c

Fitness Increases The Length And Quality Of Your Life

Plenty of people join the gym to lose weight or to look better, but many people also join the gym to help them feel better, live longer, and be healthier. Regular fitness is an integral part of healthy living and it impacts every aspect of our life. Keeping up with fitness helps us feel ha


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