Healthy Versus Unhealthy Weight Loss

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Weight Loss

Many people want to drop weight fast, but doing so is often unhealthy, unrealistic, and unsustainable. When a person purposely loses a lot of weight at once, it likely isn’t all fat that they're losing, and this weight will come back after they fail to stick with the highly restrictive diet they have been following. The truth is that weight loss is hard work that requires accountability, dedication, and patience. Healthy weight loss is achievable, but it can be hard to identify if you are used to seeing weight loss pills and diets everywhere. Here is the truth about how unhealthy weight loss can affect you and how you can actually accomplish safe, lasting weight loss.

Different Kinds Of Weight Loss And Which Benefits You

Losing Weight Versus Losing Fat
When a person drops a lot of weight in a short amount of time, they often aren’t losing just fat. Although the numbers on the scale are lower and you may look a bit slimmer, that doesn’t mean you’ve burned fat. Rapid weight loss is often caused by a loss of water weight and sometimes by a loss of muscle mass. Both of these will reduce your physical weight, but they will not help you lose fat, and once you begin gaining muscle or staying adequately hydrated, the weight will return.

The Danger Of Not Eating Enough
Starvation-based diets are yet another form of unhealthy weight loss. When you don’t eat for long periods, or you don’t get enough nutrition out of the meals you do eat, your body will begin to use up fat stores in the body so that it has enough energy to function. Although this might sound like a good way to cut down on fat, it can actually be unhealthy and unsustainable. When you don’t eat enough, you lose energy, which makes you lethargic and discourages you from using energy. This can lead to feelings of laziness and it can prevent you from working out and staying fit. When you’re not eating enough for long periods, your body will go into starvation mode and it will store as much fat as possible from the foods you do eat so that it is prepared for future bouts of starvation. Once you stop the diet and go back to previous eating habits, you will gain back the weight you lost and likely gain more.

Healthy Weight Loss Is Sustainable
A healthy weight loss program will take longer to see results, but it will offer lasting outcomes. In order to safely lose weight, you need to exercise enough to create a calorie deficit; this doesn’t mean eating less, but it does mean eating nutritious foods and pairing this with adequate exercise. You should be eating enough that you are not hungry (although you shouldn’t be eating until you’re uncomfortably full) and you should be consuming a variety of vitamins, nutrients, and protein-packed food that can fuel your body throughout the day. As you learn to eat better and exercise regularly along this fitness journey, these beneficial habits will become second nature and you will want to keep up these habits. This will create a healthier lifestyle going forward which will help you keep the weight off and lead to an increased length and quality of life.

Start A Healthy Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner can be difficult; you need to stick with your workout routine and good eating and you need to maintain motivation. Doing this by yourself can be very difficult and intimidating, but with the help of a weight loss program and a personal trainer, you can get help starting your weight loss journey. At Rage Fitness in Calgary, our personal trainers and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to the health of our gym members and have developed a proprietary weight loss program specifically designed to take off weight and keep it off. Our program is designed for individuals of all ages and fitness levels so whether you’re trying to lose weight for the first time (or the first time in a while) or if you regularly work out and are trying to shave off the last few pounds, our team can help you reach your goals. To speak with the staff at Rage Fitness about developing a weight loss plan, call 1-825-945-7733 or fill out the online contact form.


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Your final goal weight will be completely personal and will depend on your starting weight, your height, your build, and your muscle mass. In general, a healthy amount of weight to lose is about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

It is recommended for adults to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day at the minimum.

The best way to stay committed to regular exercise is to partner with a personal trainer. This will help hold you accountable to show up to training sessions and will teach you how to work out at home. Other ways to keep continuous workout schedules include getting a gym or running buddy, dedicating certain times of the day to fitness, and asking those around you to support you.


If you are seeking to lose weight, increase your physical fitness, or transform your body and your life with a superior personal training experience try Rage Fitness, With some of Calgary’s top personal trainers, the team at  Rage Fitness is standing by to guide you on your journey to comprehensive wellness. Find out more by calling 1-825-945-7733 today.

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