Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Group Fitness is your ticket to experiencing fitness in a fun way! All classes are suitable for beginners, with modifications given at all levels so you can challenge yourself.

Whether you are interested in losing weight or building muscle, group fitness classes are sure to scorch calories in a way you've never experienced!

Work out with an experienced trainer who keeps your heart pumping to great music. 

At Rage Fitness, we love building healthy communities. You can meet some like-minded people at our bootcamps for added camaraderie and laughter! 

Class Descriptions


Saturday Small Group Personal Training 10am

Join us for Small Group Personal Training 3x a week to get the best results from personal training at an affordable price. Class sizes are limited to under 6 people to ensure that the coach gives each participant ample personalized attention, providing modifications and corrections to form.

Workouts may incorporate free weights, bodyweight, cable machines, strength machines, barbells, resistance bands.

Get fit fast, build muscle, lose fat, and have fun with challenging workouts day after day!



Monday to Friday Small Group Personal Training 12pm



Tues and Thurs Small Group Personal Training 6pm


Tues and Thurs Interval Workouts 6pm - 7pm (Ukrainian language class) 

Interval training is a high-intensity workout aimed at pumping all muscle groups. Even the deepest stabilizer muscles are involved, which play a key role in our dynamics. Our class sizes are smaller than other gyms which ensures you get ample personalized attention from the coach, providing modifications and corrections to form.

Regular interval training has a positive effect on both the figure of the athlete and the internal processes of the body including the following benefits:

  • Increased general endurance on the muscles 
  • Posture correction
  • Activation of blood flow
  • Improvement of metabolism
  • Flexibility, pumping and stretching
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Increased speed and stamina
  • Improved body stability and balance
  • Body relief
  • Reduction of adipose tissue
  • Increase in muscle mass

Please contact Anzhelika Teterych for more information and to register for Ukraininan language fitness classes at or (403) 477-4110.





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